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Mama Linh's Family Business
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Chef Peter Wu currently works at Phởmo - Barangaroo, but this comic was drawn and edited from an interview I conducted with Peter and his mother years ago.

We'd met at Lee Tran Lam’s recommendation because I was writing an article for a magazine, interviewing second generation Vietnamese in the restaurant industry to discuss tensions between assimilation and 'authenticity' for migrant children. In the unfinished dining room of a restaurant they were preparing to open, we talked about what honoring tradition and loyalty look like when a new culture, community and environment demanded innovation and transformation for old traditions to survive and reach new audiences.

When the magazine article fell apart, I had remembered Peter's mother's restaurant was in my hometown and thought to adapt Peter's story for an expanded 11th year anniversary edition of CAB, my comic anthology of true stories from Cabramatta.

I made the CAB comics aiming for readers to feel like they were in conversation with my contributors. I'd transcribed and edited interviews for the brevity of comics, but always wanted to impart each voice's distinctive syntax, something Peter possessed and fitted well alongside the other stories.

When the anniversary edition didn't publish in time for my solo exhibition at my hometown museum, I was glad to be invited by Leah Jing & Rachel Ang to join their crowdfunded Australian comics anthology alongside HUMYARA MAHBUB, JASON PHU, LEE LAI,PEO MICHIE, SAFDAR AHMED and URBIGFROG. I'm glad this very small glimpse of a much larger project has survived. I'd love another chance to revisit it in the future, but until then please enjoy the comic in full here or pick up a copy of the recently published Comic Sans Anthology. Risograph printed by Glom Press. Published as an imprint of Liminal Magazine. Launched at Melbourne's Sticky Institute.

The Ark, Presented in Full by Smithsonian APAC for APAHM

For Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Smithsonian APAC is presenting my animation “The Ark” in full for the first time online at

“The Ark” is written by written by Viet Thanh Nguyen, a Pulitzer author, MacArthur genius and picks up after Nguyen’s celebrated novel “The Sympathizer,” continuing a complex and deeply intimate tale of war, displacement, and survival.

Here’s a video of some of the working and process material gone into the making of this animation.

Constellations at NY Media Center
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I'll have a short animation projected as part of the 'Constellations' group show curated by Grumpy Bert's Albert Chau at the New York Media Center. The show runs April 5-April 30 and I'm glad I'll be joined by some of dear friends and artists, including Irene Feleo, Josh Cochran and Jean Jullien.

Draft and Draw, March 30

I will be hosting the next 'Draft and Draw' at Brooklyn Art Library. Pick up tickets at noon this Wednesday for a presentation on my current obsessions and work, beer, pizza and a roomful of designers and illustrators drawing on a Friday night. You'll get to take home a silkscreen and pint glass with some of my artwork on it! Visit for more.

Book of Curses, from the Asian American Literary Review

The new edition of the The Asian American Literary Review is a spell-book and advent calendar combo of curses. You can open boxes on an advent calendar that I drew, burn glyphs on tissue tear-outs that I designed and recite from the spell-book that I illustrated.

Support the Kickstarter where you can score original art from myself, and submit your own curse to be included in the edition, joining 25 writers cursing colonialism, elephant poachers, Asian fetishists and more.

I edited this Kickstarter video together for the Review, with thanks to editors Lawrence-Minh Bùi Davis, Mimi Khúc & Brock Legend for the music.

Freedom Calendar - A Fundraiser for ASRC
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The Jacky Winter Group created a 2018 calendar with ALL proceeds to the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), which runs campaigns and provides programs supporting refugees. The calendar has 20 artists illustrating 20 tweets from detainees. I'm an artist! And Australian born to refugees safely resettled by the Australian government.

Buy at

2018 will be the fifth year that the Australian government has held over 1,600 refugees in unlawful indefinite mandatory detention on Manus Island and Nauru. (Almost 200 will be resettled in the US in January, excluding the eight countries barred under Trump's travel ban). The violent closure of camps on Manus has forced refugees into unfinished facilities with poor access to electricity, food & medical treatment, including torture and trauma counselling.

Artists include
Beci Orpin, Oslo Davis, Marc Martin, Matt Huynh, Lachlan Conn, Emma Leonard, Eliza Svikulus, James Gulliver Hancock, Kate Banazi, Andrea Innocent, Grace Lee, Chris Wahl, Ellen Portes, Karan Singh, Jessica Metrik, Christopher Nielsen, Carla McRae, Allison Colpoys, Julian Frost, Ander Hernando.

New York Historical Society's 'The Vietnam War: 1945 – 1975' Exhibition

Two large 24 x 6 ft panoramas for the New York Historical Society's 'The Vietnam War: 1945 – 1975' Exhibition will be launching October 4 for a comprehensive six month exhibition on the American involvement in the Vietnam War. More details from the press release below -


"NEW YORK, NY (August 4, 2017) – One of the major turning points of the 20th century, the Vietnam War will be the subject of an unprecedented exhibition presented by the New-York Historical Society from October 4, 2017 – April 22, 2018...Two large, illustrated murals by noted artist and illustrator Matt Huynh, titled War Front and Home Front, depict key aspects of the years 1966 and 1967.

War Front depicts the four combat zones in South Vietnam to show differing types of combat and highlight significant moments and battlegrounds.

Home Front illustrates activity in the United States, including the Spring Mobilization, the largest antiwar demonstration to that date in American history, in which hundreds of thousands marched through midtown Manhattan on April 15, 1967.

The mural also shows a prowar demonstration from May 1967, and other scenes of the war’s impact on national life. Interactive kiosks placed next to both murals bring them to life, allowing visitors to explore the events depicted through videos and photographs."

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'The Ark' debut for Smithsonian Asian American Literary Festival

I am debuting a new animation for the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center's Asian American Literature Festival. It is an adaptation of the prologue to Viet Thanh Nguyen's forthcoming sequel to his Pulitzer-prize novel, 'The Sympathizer.'

Opening Reception, Thursday, July 27 7.30-9PM - Robert and Arlene Kogod Courtyard, Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery and Smithsonian American Art Museum
Friday, July 28 - Phillips Collection 11 - 5 PM
Saturday, July 29 - Dupont Underground 6 - 10 PM

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