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Paintings, drawings, short animations and commissions




Preview of an animation installation for Made In NY Media Center by IFP. For projection on Manhattan Bridge.
Animation - Mila Nery
Composer - Brock Legend

Trailer for an animated adaptation of the prologue to Viet Thanh Nguyen's forthcoming sequel to his Pulitzer-prize winning book, 'The Sympathizer.' Debuting at the Smithsonian Asian American Literary Festival.
Composer Kevin Shea Adams
Animator Irene Feleo
Assistants MJ Steele, Mark Wang, Sasha Kimiatek

Hand painted animation for Other Lives: Reconfiguration world premiere at Brooklyn Academy of Music for the 2015 Next Wave Festival.
irector: Terry Kinney Producer:
Rebecca Habel / Mix Tape Productions
Music: Other Lives Artist's
Assistant: MJ Steele

Trailer for animated performance by playwright Saymoukda Vongsay, with music by DJ Kool Akiem and Justice Shroomcloud.
Commissioned by Smithsonian APAC.

'What You Mean'
Produced by Brock Legend
Mixed/Mastered by Wizard Lee

Music Video for 'Candle' by Guy Sebastian
Sony Music Australia
Director Dom Bartolo for Flutter

Trailer for novel by Andrea Simon Director: Alex Murawski Assists: MJ Steele