‘MA’ tells the story of a young married couple forced to flee their homeland by the escalating Vietnam War. In Malaysia’s refugee camps, they treasure pockets of silliness and romance as they learn to raise two boys and await news from home and of their uncertain future.


“The quiet moments, where the parents are still with their children, are rendered carefully and it really feels like you’re watching this moment in time, through tears that occasionally blur the scene from view ... a real life that was lived and experienced. ‘MA’ feels like that. I am here now, I was lucky.” — Faesthetic
“5/5, A touching and painful story to read at times, but Huynh does a wonderful job of making it relatable on the human level with his storytelling.””— Comic Bastards
“It’s an old story ... one that’s backed up by nothing but fear. Huynh’s book is compelling precisely because he turns that fear around...The sensitivity and power of his brush strokes is held in check by a sense of restraint as he lets the images tell the story for him.”— Rob Clough
"Writer and artist Matt Huynh works in the corridors of history where world events interact with the personal... There’s an urgency to Huynh’s writing. It’s a rush towards the unknown, the narrative unfolding. Finding itself with each page, each panel. Huynh’s ink wash painting is the voice of memory. The shallow fog of looking back." - Evil Tender
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